Back it up.

Unit Drive will automatically back up all your files on your Mac
including documents, photos, music, movies – everything.

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Don’t lose your
valuable photos or work.
Back up everything.

fast backup

Our global network of servers in 16 locations all over the world, let's you upload around ~300 GB A day anywhere in the world.

Locate a missing
or stolen computer

Receive an evidence report on missing or stolen devices. Unit Drive locates your missing device when it is turned on, so you can find it.

Backup all
your devices

Unit Drive will automatically backup your entire Mac, iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices.

anywhere access

Access your files wherever you are from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. You can also login from any web browser securely.

file recovery

Recover lost files deleted accidentally or due to a ransomware attack, hard drive failure or other accidents. You won't have any lost files ever again.

Simple to use
No setup required

Mac backup has never been easier or better. Unit Drive starts automatically and estimates when the backup of your Mac is complete. Get started with backing up data in less than a minute.

Reliable and easy to use backup software. We specialize in making sure all your data is backed up by default. Get Unit Drive and never worry about losing a file again.

14 day free trial. Only €6 afterwards

1TB / day

Unit Drive is faster than other online back up services and backs up your Mac in sleep mode.
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1 TB / 100 Mbit / 1 Day
1 TB / 60 Mbit / 2 Days
1 TB / 40 Mbit / 3 Days
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your data
for €6

Billed annually or
€8 month to month