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Servers at Unit Drive Online Backup

Our story.

How it often starts, we started Unit Drive because we needed backup software to keep our files safe, in case of hard disk crash or other accidents. After that, it expanded to our friends and family stating using it, and it took off from there.

The problem we came across when trying different backup tools were they often crashed during the initial backup and had very slow file transfers. One reason is that most providers have one server location (often in the US), and the geographical distance (in our case Europe) is one of the reasons for slow file uploads.

Another reason is the quality of the server. Often backup providers put more focus on lowering the cost, and it results in very slow file transfers, and often the backup fails to complete.

So we have built a backup software, with focus on speed, security and "cut to the bone" functionality. It's easy to use, no setup and tons of checkboxes to consider. We have servers in 16 locations all over the world, so people in all regions can keep their files safe without waiting 3-4 weeks for the first backup. We can back up around ~300 GB a day with a good internet connection anywhere in the world, and we’re continually working to improve the speed and functionality of Unit Drive.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for improvement, we’d love to hear them.
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